Lemonstand v1 Vulnerability

A few days ago we discovered a Lemonstand vulnerability that currently affects all Lemonstand v1 websites. If you are still using Lemonstand v1, you should look to implement the following fixes immediately. Lemonstand v1 is unsupported since Dec 31, 2014 so these fixes will need to be applied manually.

Mastering metalsmith: best practices for static sites

In our previous blog post, we discussed how we built the new using metalsmith, a static site builder. We learned quite a few things along the way and want to share some of the best practices we picked up. We open sourced our metalsmith base starter kit on github that demonstrates some of these.

How we built the new evocode

We launched the new this week using metalsmith, a static site builder and the alpha release of bootstrap 4. We wanted to share some of our discoveries and discuss how we will be building our websites in the future.