Blissmo is a monthly subscription service that provides incredible organic and eco-friendly products delivered right to your door. Evocode partnered with Blissmo to handle new development and help transition the technology stack and company into a new product offering.

Billing System Overhaul

The first problem we identified was around the existing billing system. It was split between several vendors with legacy technology, which as you can imagine, is not ideally suited for a startup. The existing system lacked reporting and methods to manage the subscriptions, and the business. We developed a new subscription management system that offered extensive reporting, email alerts, and proper dunning strategies. We seamlessly migrated all existing subscriptions from the legacy systems and scaled up the billing system to process hundreds of thousands in transactions.

Business Expansion

After overhauling the billing situation, Blissmo expanded into eCommerce flash sales. We modified the eCommerce code base to handle one-off eCommerce transactions, complete with payment and shipping gateways. The flash sales concept offers a deeply discounted product for a limited time, so we modified the backend systems to allow easy entry of new sales and minimized the hands on the maintenance from the staff which redirected it to focus on fulfillment.

The Result

Blissmo has since expanded beyond the original consumer eco-friendly box. They now offer a subscription snack box for businesses and gift box for when you want to give the perfect gift.