Lemonstand is an eCommerce platform build for developers and professionals with an incredibly extensible platform. Evocode is an official provider of the most popular selling modules on the Lemonstand marketplace and has partnered with other marketplace vendors to handle module maintenance and development. Evocode develops and maintains roughly 40% of all Lemonstand marketplace modules.

Membership Management

Our flagship module, Membership Subscription, offers a robust solution for subscription and membership management. Every business has a unique requirements around billing and this module remains flexible whether you need to bill monthly on a pro-rated basis or bill daily for different amounts. It automates your business communications and even offers robust dunning management strategies.

You can easily import any existing subscriptions for other providers and the automated credit card billing process runs at a time of your choosing. All of the subscription data is presented in a custom dashboard, complete with flexible reporting.

This module currently powers several subscription based startups, gyms, and even grocery delivery services. It currently processes millions of dollars in transactions each year with support for dozens of different payment providers.

Development Tools

The most popular module built by a third party developer is our Development Tools. Currently installed on hundreds of eCommerce stores, it provides a plethora of metrics to help developers optimize and troubleshoot their code. Whether you need to track down the code execution path, spot memory usage, or find a troublesome SQL query, this module offers everything in a convenient toolbar.

Other Modules

Evocode also maintains dozens of other modules including ones that perform security audits, cache frequently access data, and offer quick and easy shortcodes for non-technical users to apply advanced functionality to their website. Evocode has partnered with other vendors to provide form builders, workflow automation, delivery schedules, store feeds, gift certificates and reward points.

The Result

Evocode has proven to be a trusted partner of Lemonstand and has built many official themes and collaborated on many complex development projects featured in Lemonstand success stories. Lemonstand has recently transitioned into a cloud based product and Evocode looks forward to remaining a trusted partner and developer.