Redfox Media



Redfox Media is a creative digital agency based out of Crows Nest, Australia with local, national, and international clients. Evocode partnered with Redfox Media to enhance its digital offering and improve its propietary technology.

Staff Experience

Prior to partnering with Evocode, every employee ran a different software stack, without a consistent environment. This resulted in frequent deployment issues, downtime, and a very long on-boarding process. The knowledge of the software stack was often passed from one developer to the next without a single source of truth. In times of emergency, FTP would have to be used to push updates.

Evocode developed an integrated development environment to serve as a reproducible and portable development environment to solve these problems. The software stack was codified using the latest technology and extensively documented on the company wiki. The new development environment has scaled to many employees and reduced the employee onboarding process from an initial two weeks to an afternoon. It is now common for new employees to push code to production on day one!

A suite of gulp tools was also built to automate deployment, asset compiling, and frequent activities like pulling down the latest database and setting up a staging environment. The development environment has played a critical role in being able to take on more projects, deliver work faster, and scale the company to double its previous size.

Technical Consulting & Development

Evocode worked closely with Redfox Media’s in-house talent to deliver dozens of web solutions. This includes complex eCommerce applications, Wordpress sites, and dynamic Email templates. Each solution is entirely unique, but the process has been perfected over many years. We took a data driven approach to analyze any existing digital assets and worked closely with user experience designers to integrate into our technology stack. It was refreshing to work with the amazing creative talent at Redfox Media and collaborate on some incredible solutions.

DevOps & Platform Development

Redfox Media also develops a propietary technology platform to power its digital assets and Evocode has partnered with Redfox to maintain and develop this platform. We have created and worked on 85 different complex modules powering everything from the content management system, ecommerce, wiki, blog, faceted navigation, notifications, mapping, subscriptions, and sales software. We have also provided the devops and maintenance of the platform and server infrastructure on Amazon Web Services.