Viva Mundo

Viva Mundo


Viva Mundo is a student recruitment platform from BMI. BMI is a company founded in 1987 that has become the expert in Latin American student recruitment. BMI has run over 350 fairs in 10 Latin American countries representing 2000 institutions and over 1.85 million students. As an international recruitment tool, it is extremely important that the website be fast geographically.

Unfortunately for Viva Mundo, it was extremely slow when accessed from various parts of the world on different devices. Evocode collaborated with Redfox Media to diagnose and increase the performance of the website.

The Solution

We started by analyzing the existing technology platform. It was critical that we operate within the existing technology stack and deliver the best world-wide performance possible. We identified some expensive programming calls in the software stack and re-worked entire sections of the code base. We eliminated redundant Ajax calls and consolodated the expensive calculation of featured listings to a single Ajax call.

We concatenated, compiled, optimized all of the assets and converted third party libraries to run asynchronously. Finally we utilized CloudFlare to provide DNS, CDN, and aggressive caching strategies.

The results were simply amazing. Responsive times in Latin American often exceeded 2 minutes prior to our changes and now load in mere seconds. We increased speed by a factor of 12, which opened an entirely new customer base for Viva Mundo and new opportunities for the students of Latin America.